DLRS 2018

The DLRS workshop series continues with the 3rd workshop on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems (DLRS 2018) which will be held in conjunction with the 12th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems in Vancouver, Canada.

Workshop description

The workshop centers around the use of Deep Learning technology in Recommender Systems and algorithms. DLRS 2018 builds upon the positively received traits of previous DLRS workshops. DLRS 2018 is a fast paced half-day workshop with a focus on high quality paper presentations and invited talks. We welcome original research using deep learning technology for solving recommender systems related problems (see the CFP for more details). This year we also encourage exploratory works in new research directions and fields of application.

Goals & Motivation

Deep Learning is now one of the most quickly evolving and interesting research topics in Recommendation Systems technology. While the deep learning boom happened only recently (2016-2017) for recommender systems Рwith DLRS 2016 and 2017 also taking its share of popularizing the topic Рit is now generally accepted that deep learning has a huge untapped potential for the recommendation domain as well. We would like to strengthen this idea further with DLRS 2018 and to help the community discover new ways of using deep learning for recommendations. The aim of the workshop is to encourage the application of Deep Learning techniques in Recommender Systems, to further promote research in deep learning methods for Recommender Systems, and to bring together researchers from the Recommender Systems and Deep Learning communities.