The official proceedings is now available in the ACM Digital Library.

[14:00 – 14:10] Welcome to DLRS 2017! [slides]
[14:10 – 15:00] Keynote: Bayesian Deep Learning Models for Recommendation Applications
by Dit-Yan Yeung
[15:00 – 15:15] A Deep Multimodal Approach for Cold-start Music Recommendation
Sergio Oramas, Oriol Nieto, Mohamed Sordo, Xavier Serra
[15:15 – 15:30] Contextual Sequence Modeling for Recommendation with Recurrent Neural Networks
by Elena Smirnova, Flavian Vasile
[15:30 – 16:00] Coffee break + poster session
Comparing Neural and Attractiveness-based Visual Features for Artwork Recommendation
by Vicente Domínguez, Pablo Messina, Denis Parra, Domingo Mery, Christoph Trattner and Alvaro Soto
Auto-Encoding User Ratings via Knowledge Graphs in Recommendation Scenarios
by Vito Bellini, Vito Walter Anelli, Tommaso Di Noia and Eugenio Di Sciascio
[16:00 – 16:15] Inter-Session Modeling for Session-Based Recommendation
by Massimiliano Ruocco, Ole Steinar Lillestøl Skrede, Helge Langseth
[16:15 – 16:30] Towards Recommender Systems for Police Photo Lineup
by Ladislav Peska, Hana Trojanová
[16:30 – 16:45] Specializing Joint Representations for the task of Product Recommendation
by Thomas Nedelec, Elena Smirnova, Flavian Vasile
[16:45 – 17:00] Recurrent Latent Variable Networks for Session-Based Recommendation
by Sotirios Chatzis, Panayiotis Christodoulou, Andreas S. Andreou
[17:00 – 17:15] Music Playlist Continuation by Learning from Hand-Curated Examples and Song Features
by Andreu Vall, Hamid Eghbal-Zadeh, Matthias Dorfer, Markus Schedl and Gerhard Widmer
[17:15 – 17:25] Closing remarks