[9:00 – 9:10] Welcome to DLRS 2016! [slides]
[9:10 – 10:00] Keynote: Deep learning for audio-based music recommendation
by Sander Dieleman
[10:00 – 10:20] Recurrent Coevolutionary Latent Feature Processes for Continuous-Time User-Item Interactions
by Hanjun Dai, Yichen Wang, Rakshit Trivedi, Le Song
Best Paper of DLRS 2016
[10:20 – 10:35] Neural Autoregressive Collaborative Filtering for Implicit Feedback
Yin Zheng, Cailiang Liu, Bangsheng Tang, Hanning Zhou
[10:35 – 11:00] Coffee break
[11:00 – 11:15] Wide & Deep Learning for Recommender Systems
by Heng-Tze Cheng, Levent Koc, Jeremiah Harmsen, Tal Shaked, Tushar Chandra, Hrishi Aradhye, Glen Anderson, Greg Corrado, Wei Chai, Mustafa Ispir, Rohan Anil, Zakaria Haque, Lichan Hong, Vihan Jain, Xiaobing Liu, Hemal Shah
[11:15 – 11:35] Improved Recurrent Neural Networks for Session-based Recommendations
by Yong Kiam Tan, Xinxing Xu, Yong Liu
[11:35 – 11:50] Exploring Deep Space: Learning Personalized Ranking in a Semantic Space
by Jeroen B. P. Vuurens, Martha Larson, Arjen P. de Vries
[11:50 – 12:05] Infusing Collaborative Recommenders with Distributed Representations
by Greg Zanotti, Miller Horvath, Lucas Nunes Barbosa, Venkata Trinadh Kumar Gupta Immedisetty, Jonathan Gemmell
[12:05 – 12:20] Hybrid Recommender System based on Autoencoders
by Florian Strub, Romaric Gaudel, Jérémie Mary
[12:20 – 12:30] Closing remarks